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Uncork Kansas School Equity Fix Proposal


Uncork Kansas School Equity Fix Proposal



The state of Kansas needs money. You and thousands more of our customers want the option to buy legal, adult beverages in grocery stores. So ... we have a plan that accomplishes both! Under the Uncork Kansas Free Market Budget Bailout, a one-time licensing fee per store would be paid by grocery stores to the State of Kansas for the opportunity to sell beer, wine, and spirits. An additional $6.5 million would be generated annually through the annual licensing fee.

Here are some of the details:

- Generates approximately $40 million dollars the state can use in FY 2017 through the one-time sale of adult beverage licenses to grocery stores

- Provides an additional $6.5 million annually for Kansas through the annual renewal fee

- Creates JOBS in existing businesses and jobs related to in-store renovations and new construction

- Doesn't raise taxes on businesses or individuals, or reduce services or cut program funding

- Generates an additional $72.5 million in state and local taxes and helps reduce border leakage

- Allows the smallest Kansas grocery stores to offer beer, wine, and spirits with minimal license fee investment