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Why Uncork Kansas?

Uncork Kansas is a movement to eliminate protectionist Kansas liquor laws by allowing you, the consumer, to decide where you buy alcoholic beverages — rather than having the government decide for you.


+ Convenience & Choice

Imagine being able to buy groceries and wine at the same time. Or, being able to buy a craft beer when you’re at a convenience store – instead of making a special trip to the liquor store. And what if you could buy ice, mixers, and snacks from your neighborhood liquor store rather than having to make a special trip to the grocery store that may be several miles away? That’s what Uncork Kansas is working to accomplish.


+ Boosting Our Economy

Letting consumers choose where to purchase alcohol will provide a much-needed economic boost to our state. By lifting government restrictions on retail liquor sales, we’ll attract new business and stimulate free enterprise and competition. We’ll also stop dollars flowing to border states and reduce unnecessary government regulations. At the same time, minors will be protected through strict enforcement of sales.


+ Restricting Minors: Not Adults

Contrary to what some may say, an updated law will not increase underage drinking. In fact, according to a National Institute of Health study, making alcohol available at additional retail outlets does not increase underage drinking since minors rely much more heavily on social sources for alcohol (family and friends) than on commercial sources. We can restrict minors, without restricting responsible adults.

UncorkKS Law

+ Modernizing the Law

Even liquor stores can benefit from modernized liquor laws, as they have in other states. They will be able to sell food items previously prohibited. This will allow them to expand and grow. Of the top five cities with the most liquor stores per capita, four allow wine sales in grocery stores. Why hold onto antiquated liquor laws—some of the most stringent in the nation—whose roots date all the way back to 1881? It just makes sense to Uncork Kansas.

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