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Costco - the Kansas version


Costco - the Kansas version



There’s a lot of excitement in Wichita about the opening of the Costco store. Unfortunately, Kansas law won't permit Costco to offer the experience shoppers of this popular retail store enjoy in other states. You may have heard they’ll be selling adult beverages. Well, yes, sort of.

While at the Costco store in Wichita they eventually plan to have an outside party operate a liquor store attached to the location, you’ll still be making two stops, paying in two separate transactions in a separate location. It’s not one-stop shopping. You can’t shop for your wine and your groceries in a seamless fashion like you can at the Missouri Costco. Kansas law does not allow Costco to sell wine, spirits, or strong beer. Costco cannot get a liquor license as licenses not available to corporations.

Unfortunately, Kansas’ antiquated laws have conditioned consumers to accepting inconvenient, inefficient, and overpriced alcohol sales. We know you’re growing increasingly frustrated with this out-of-date retail system. You’re traveling to other states, including nearby Missouri and Nebraska, where you have the freedom to purchase adult beverages and non-alcoholic products at liquor stores, grocery stores and convenience stores.

You see the free market work in those places and know that you don’t have to restrict customers to certain businesses in order to ensure liquor stores (or any other business) thrive. 

Opponents to Uncork Kansas efforts actually think that Costco opening in Wichita is proof that we don’t need to change our liquor laws. It’s one of many statements they profess that isn’t founded in fact or with consideration to what’s best for YOU. Instead, it continues to be about allowing them - the liquor store industry - to maintain their stranglehold on the market, delivering for you only the assurance of higher prices and less convenience.

We can’t allow this – it’s imperative we all continue our outreach to the Kansas legislature and implore them to adopt Uncork Kansas legislation.


In-store selection of adult beverages in Kansas Costco locations ... 

Costco Beer Selection in KS Store

In-store selection of adult beverages in Missouri and other Costco locations where beer, wine, and spirits retail allowed ... 

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