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Anti-Consumer Alcohol Laws 2014 Focus


Anti-Consumer Alcohol Laws 2014 Focus



Uncork Kansas will begin the 2014 legislative session actively lobbying for the elimination of anti-consumer alcohol laws. The coalition advocates legislation that fosters the free enterprise principles valued by Kansans and would offer consumers a competitive shopping experience and greater choice in the marketplace.

“Protectionist liquor laws have placed mandates on Kansas consumers for far too long.  Daily we hear from Dillons customers who want to be free of these restrictions on where they can purchase a bottle of wine or their favorite craft beer,” said Joe Grieshaber, president of Dillon Food Stores (a member of Uncork Kansas). “These laws present an unfair monopoly and policies that deny Kansans the benefits of our free market society.”

In addition to giving Kansans a choice about where to buy their alcoholic products, the elimination of the liquor store monopoly would also spur competition and increase economic development. Thirty-two states in the nation have laws that allow consumers to buy alcoholic products from liquor stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores. No state has ever repealed legislation that opened the marketplace and didn’t restrict alcohol sales to one type of business.

Those interested in having a choice in where they purchase adult beverages can support Uncork's efforts here