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Senate Fails To Pass Consumer Friendly Legislation


Senate Fails To Pass Consumer Friendly Legislation


Thank you for your support thus far as we've worked to pass Uncork Kansas legislation. Today Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce introduced an amendment that would have repealed the Cereal Malt Beverage Act, meaning you would no longer be forced to buy 3.2 beer at grocery and c-stores. You could buy regular beer. The amendment also would have permitted liquor stores to expand their offerings and sell non-alcoholic products like cups, mixers, and ice.
We are disappointed to share that the Senate did not pass this amendment. Instead, they voted to continue to restrict your freedoms and keep an inconvenient, out-dated system in place. Meanwhile, 45 others states are effectively retailing regular beer in their grocery and c-stores and liquor store establishments continue to maintain profitable stores. The opposition's scare tactics are tiresome, but we continue our commitment to seeing Uncork Kansas legislation pass.
Thank you for your continued support. Please extend a thank you to the following legislators who did vote in your favor today. Below that list, is the name and phone number of the Senators who voted to keep in place an antiquated system that keeps 3.2 beer on the shelf and restricts your shopping options.
Uncork Kansas Supporters!!
The following voted against Uncork Kansas. Please reach out to them and share your thoughts.
Thank you! 785-296-7381 785-296-7369 785-296-7368 785-296-7389 785-296-7385 785-296-7387 785-296-7364 785-296-3245 785-296-7372 785-296-7667 785-296-7365 785-296-7353 785-296-7361 785-296-7678 785-296-7359 785-296-7388 785-296-7377 785-296-7358 785-296-7399 785-296-7355 785-296-7375 785-296-7379 785-296-7374 785-296-7367 785-296-6838 785-296-2419 785-296-7391