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Kansas Laws Favor Liquor Store Monopoly at Cost to Kansans


Kansas Laws Favor Liquor Store Monopoly at Cost to Kansans



National media sources have been writing about liquor laws and their variance across the United States. Kansas remains one of the states where government is largely controlling where and how people shop for legal adult beverages. Do you think the government should tell you where to shop??

The Kansas legislature's failure to end the liquor store monopoly is stifling economic growth and consumer choice, while costing each of us money as the lack of competition drives prices up.

Check out the maps to see how our laws lag behind others, especially neighbor states Missouri and Nebraska.

We're working hard to make 2015 the year the legislature Uncork's Kansas ... it's time to quit sending tax dollars to Missouri and Nebraska and let Kansans have the option to buy their adult beverages in grocery and convenience stores.

For the full link to the Huffington Post article, click here. For the WAshington Post article, go here.


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